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Nespresso Machine Troubleshooting: Here are a Few Common Problems and Troubleshooting Methods!

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Nespresso is a big name in the coffee-making industry. While their products are respectable, they are also prone to errors.


How do you identify and fix a problem with your Nespresso coffee maker? Well, here are a few common errors you are bound to run into and their solutions.

Troubleshooting Your Nespresso Coffee Maker

As cutting-edge as your Nespresso coffee maker is, it is prone to damage, like all electronics. Your coffee maker may stop brewing a complete cup, have the indicator light blinking orange or stop brewing hot coffee. It may also stop pumping water or stop brewing altogether.  Fortunately, you can fix most of these problems yourself.

4 Common Nespresso Machine Problems and Fixes


Nespresso is one of the leading names in coffee-making. They produce everything from efficient and affordable brewers to works of art.


Even Nespresso-branded coffee makers are prone to malfunctions. You can encounter a variety of problems when using a Nespresso machine.


We have curated the more common problems and their solutions. Here’s how to troubleshoot your Nespresso machine.

1. Nespresso Not Brewing a Full Cup

Nespresso Not Making Full Cup

You likely purchased your Nespresso coffee maker because you fancied the idea of making your own coffee at home.

You see:

Convenient as ordering coffee from Starbucks can be, nothing beats a good homemade brew.

As such:

It would be more than inconvenient if your Nespresso coffee maker suddenly isn’t brewing a complete cup of coffee.


You wouldn’t be getting the best out of your machine in that state. There is definitely a reason behind your Nespresso’s sudden strange behavior.


You have come to the right place. Here are a few reasons this could be happening.

Fill The Water Reservoir

Water is a key ingredient when brewing a cup of coffee. Piping hot water instigates the brewing process and helps draw out the essence of your coffee grounds.


Your coffee maker won’t make a full cup of coffee if there isn’t enough water for it to complete the brewing process.


Your Nespresso coffee maker has a water reservoir that can contain enough water for a brew or two.


Be sure to fill the reservoir to just under the max line. This will ensure that your coffee maker will complete a brew before shutting down.

Prime Your Nespresso

Air pockets can form in your machine’s pipes if it is left pumping when the reservoir is empty.


This creates a big problem, leaving the machine unable to move water during the brewing process. As such, this can cause the machine to brew a half-empty cup of coffee.


There is a remedy for this problem. It is possible to force water into the machine manually, thereby priming it.


To do this, you will need a Ziploc bag and some water.

  • Step 1: Fill the reservoir a third of the way with just enough water to flow through the coffee maker.
  • Step 2: Grab a small Ziploc bag, and seal it shut with some air in it. The bag should be large enough to create a seal when shoved into your reservoir.
  • Step 3: Replace the reservoir on the machine and gently push down on the ziplock bag.

This will force the water into the inlet and through your machine, thereby dealing with the air pockets. Be sure to let the machine sit for some time after doing this.


The Nespresso coffee maker should start brewing full cups of coffee again.

Clean the Water Inlet and Filter

Nespresso Inlet

The inlet is responsible for drawing water from the reservoir.


It may be unable to work properly if obstructed. The Nespresso coffee maker needs all the water it can get when brewing.


It may not brew a full cup of coffee if it’s having difficulty drawing water from the reservoir.


One can easily rectify the problem. Go over the water inlet with a damp rag, and scrape away any gunk you may find. Be sure to scrape the corners with your fingers.

2. Nespresso Blinking Red and Yellow Lights

Nespresso Blinking Redy and Yellow

The Nespresso brand of coffee makers can alert users when an error occurs. The red and yellow indicator light can have a few different meanings.


If your Nespresso suddenly displays red and yellow warning lights, you do not need to panic. This function is built into your machine and is quite useful.

As such:

It is important to know what the lights could mean in order to troubleshoot your machine properly. Here are a few errors that could trigger the lights.

Faulty Power Outlet

The Nespresso coffee makers require clean power to run effectively. They could run into some functional errors if there are problems with the power source.


An electrical error may trigger the red and yellow indicator lights. You can fix this by resetting your coffee maker.


One may reset a Nespresso coffee maker by holding the button for three seconds.


Only reset the machine after checking the power chord and outlet. Try plugging the coffee maker into another outlet, and see how it runs.


This alone should remedy the problem, leaving the indicator lights untriggered.

Fill the Water Tank

The red and yellow indicator lights may just be the coffee maker’s way of letting you know it is thirsty.

As such:

Turn the machine around and check if there is enough water in the tank. A good rule of thumb is to fill the tank halfway before starting a brew.


You can fill it to just below the max indicator to be on the safe side.

Use the Right Pods the Right Way

Nespresso Pod

Nespresso capsules are a vital ingredient when making a cup of coffee. They hold the coffee you desire.


A Nespresso machine may flash a warning if one inserts the wrong type of coffee pod into the holder.


You may trigger the same warning if the pod is inserted incorrectly. As such, it is better to use Nespresso brand pods to be on the safe side.


Double-check the pod placement before you close the cover and start brewing.

3. Nespresso Blinking Orange Lights

Is your Nespresso indicator light blinking orange? If so, you may be panicking. Take a deep breath as we review the possible errors your coffee maker may face.

Here’s the thing:

The Nespresso coffee makers are programmed to indicate when an error has occurred. The orange light could flash for a number of different reasons.

Nespresso Needs Cleaning and Descaling

The Nespresso coffee maker needs proper maintenance for it to work after a long period. Frequent use could cause a scale build-up within your machine.


The Nespresso coffee makers will tell you when they need to be cleaned. The orange indicator light will blink twice a second, indicating that it is time to scrub.


The Nespresso coffee maker automates most of this task. Here are the steps you should take when cleaning a Nespresso coffee maker.

  • Step 1: Lift the brewer’s head.
  • Step 2: Grab a damp rag and clean as much of the surface as possible.
  • Step 3: Remove the water tank and wash it properly. Be sure to clear the water inlet as well.
  • Step 4: Fill the water tank halfway with equal parts water and your cleaning solution of choice.
  • Step 5: Close the lid and replace the water tank.
  • Step 6: Wait until the machine stops drawing water, then press the brew button three times.

This sequence will initiate the machine’s cleaning protocol. It should take 7 minutes to complete. Be sure to run a normal brew with clean water right after.

The Coffee Maker May Be Overheating

The Nespresso branded coffee makers are made intricately. Most models have their own ways of regulating internal temperature.

You see:

This is an important feature, as overheating could permanently damage temperature-sensitive parts.


In the event that the machine’s temperature rises greatly, the orange indicator will flare to life. The light will subtly fade in and out to indicate that it is overheating.


You can fix this problem by allowing the coffee maker to sit for 7-10 minutes plugged in. This should give the equipment enough time to cool down.

In addition:

You can avoid this problem by giving some time between brews.

General Error

You will know your machine is facing a general error when the orange indicator light blinks twice quickly and then fades for a while.


You can fix this problem by checking the Nespresso capsule. Place it properly in the Nespresso pod holder.


Check that there is enough water in the reservoir if the indicator light persists. Also, be sure to use the Nespresso-branded coffee pods to avoid any further issues.

4. Nespresso Not Brewing Hot Coffee


Piping hot water helps draw out the essence of your coffee grounds. Nespresso coffee makers are designed to heat water from the reservoir internally.


Is your Nespresso not brewing hot coffee to your taste and standards? If you have this issue, you have come to the right place.


The Nespresso coffee maker may develop a few faults that could lead to lukewarm coffee. Here is how to approach the problem.

Preheat the Coffee Maker


One cannot adjust the temperature settings on your Nespresso coffee makers. People have different preferences, and what may be hot for some may not fly for others.


This may seem frustrating, but we can rectify the problem. The Nespresso brand coffee makers are capable of making coffee hot enough for your taste.


One has to use some out-of-the-box thinking to make this happen. This effect can be achieved by preheating the coffee maker.

You see:

A user can preheat the Nespresso coffee maker by running a brew cycle without a coffee capsule.


You can achieve the same result by running the cleaning cycle for a few seconds before stopping it.


The Nespresso coffee maker will preheat to an adequate temperature before you start brewing.

Preheat Your Coffee Cup

Fun fact:

Heat travels from a higher to a lower temperature.

As such:

Your hot coffee will cool faster if poured into a cool cup. You can keep coffee hotter for longer by preheating your cup.


This isn’t too complicated to do. Pour some water into a coffee cup and place it in the microwave for a few minutes.


Make sure to use a microwave-safe cup, and do not leave it in there for too long.


Be sure to save the remaining water for later. It can be added to what’s left in the reservoir after brewing.

Use Warm Milk

Keeping within the same theme of preserving temperature; you can use warm milk when making coffee.


Some people drink their coffee black, which is perfectly fine. But equally, a lot like some cream with their coffee.


Cream is usually preserved in the fridge. Cold milk could bring down the heat of your coffee to a dissatisfactory level.


One can warm their milk before introducing it to avoid a lukewarm cup of coffee.


Nespresso prides itself on producing high-quality coffee makers for the best home brewing experience.


As convenient and innovative as some of the models are, they may eventually develop an inconvenient fault.


You can troubleshoot the issue by checking for some of the more common problems afflicting Nespresso coffee makers.

  • Nespresso not brewing a full cup.
  • Nespresso blinking red and yellow lights.
  • Nespresso blinking orange lights.
  • Nespresso not brewing hot coffee.

This is a good place to start. Be sure to check out some of our more detailed articles if your Nespresso is suffering from a different problem.


Did one of these solutions fix your problem? Do you think we missed a helpful DIY solution? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Nespresso Not Working?

Usually, resetting the coffee maker should get it working again. You can do this by holding the Lungo button for five seconds.

How Do I Reset My Nespresso Machine?

Generally, one can reset a Nespresso coffee maker by holding down the Lungo button for five seconds.

The indicator lights on the machine should flash to signify that the machine has been reset to factory settings.

Why Are The Lights Flashing On My Nespresso Machine?

The indicator lights on your machine are there to inform you when a problem occurs. Some Nespresso machines work with red and yellow lights, and others with an orange indicator.

Either way, different blinking intervals could mean different things.

Your Nespresso coffee maker may be blinking because it needs to be reset, it needs cleaning, or the water reservoir is empty.

Why Is My Nespresso Blinking Orange And Not Working?

This may signify that the Nespresso pod holder is empty. Open the pod holder and make sure you place the right pod properly.

Also, ensure that it is seated correctly before restarting the brewing process.

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