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Why is Folgers Coffee So Bad for Some, Yet Loved by Others?

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Erica Cervenkova

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Folgers, a well-known coffee company, has been a staple in American supermarkets for years. It blends Arabica and Robusta beans, offering various grinds and formulations. 

But there’s a brewing question among coffee enthusiasts: why is Folgers coffee so bad for some, yet loved by others?


In this article, I’ll dive into the debate surrounding Folgers coffee. I’ll explore the role of fillers, their impact on taste, and why some coffee lovers are turning their backs on this mass-produced brand.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Why is Folgers Coffee So Bad

Why is Folgers Coffee so Bad?

Folgers Coffee often receives criticism for its heavy reliance on Robusta beans, known for their bitter taste compared to the smoother Arabica beans. Its mass production and pre-ground packaging compromise the coffee’s freshness, losing flavor and depth. Additionally, using fillers dilutes the coffee’s robustness, disappointing enthusiasts seeking a rich, authentic taste.

You’re probably wondering what fillers are.

Well, fillers are non-coffee substances added to the coffee grounds. These fillers can range from chicory to grains or even wood derivatives, used to bulk up the product and reduce costs. 


While they can make the coffee seem smoother and more consistent in flavor, fillers essentially dilute the coffee’s natural robustness and complexity. 

This practice allows Folgers to extend the volume of their product without using more coffee beans but at the cost of sacrificing the rich, authentic taste that coffee aficionados seek. 

Folgers Coffee Gourmet Supreme

In extreme cases like what this user has experienced, it could also change the signature flavor profile entirely, leading to a horrible experience.

He mentions:

“I’ve drunk Flogers most of my life it has always been my favorite, but it’s not tasting the same. It tastes horrible now I don’t know what they have done to it. It has a stale, burnt taste now.”

While cost-effective for mass production, this approach is a significant drawback for those prioritizing quality and purity in their coffee experience.

The Subjectivity of Coffee Preference

Digging deeper into the crux of the matter:

Coffee enjoyment is a highly subjective experience greatly influenced by one’s taste preferences. These preferences are deeply rooted in genetic differences in taste sensitivity and personal psychological expectations about coffee’s effect.

This can explain why might taste bitter to you but fine to your friends or family.


This paper systematically reviews how taste can affect a person’s diet and the health implications. So this applies beyond the coffee you prefer to drink.

It’s primarily due to genetic variations dictating perceptions of bitterness, a key component in the coffee flavor profile. The same cup of coffee can be perceived differently across individuals because genetic sensitivity significantly affects taste.


The fascinating thing about coffee is that enjoyment doesn’t stop at the boundary of our taste buds. The placebo effect can also play a huge role because if you expect to hate the taste, there’s a major chance you will.


You might decide to try Folger’s out because of the caffeine content and make a habit of drinking it even after the flavor changes. 

Because you’ve trained your mind to like it, you might not immediately notice a change in taste.

In other words: 

Anticipating feeling more active or believing in coffee’s benefits can enhance our overall enjoyment.

That being said:

It’s clear why a brand like Folgers, with its robust, pre-ground coffee, would find detractors. It’s natural for the customer base to change over time in response to the growth of your product.

Folgers’ Flavor Profile

Folgers Coffee Classic Roast

Delving deeper into the coffee world:

Folgers, and specifically their Classic Roast, has a unique flavor profile. It leans towards a medium roast, a welcome middle between light and dark. Sometimes, it might lean towards dark a bit more.

The taste evolution starts with a slight sweetness, which some describe as tart or fruity. This initial flavor fades over time, transitioning into a dominant bitterness, making Folgers coffee a love-it-hate-it experience to some.


The brand’s notoriety is significantly contributed to by its powerful aroma. It’s particularly striking when you first open a container of Folgers Coffee, a fragrance that hooks you from the get-go. 

However, it’s important to note that the aroma fades quickly, mostly because of the packaging.

Simply put:

Folgers caters to a broad audience by offering accessible, no-nonsense coffee solutions. Its inexpensive price point and the “plain” dynamism of its coffee make it a regular staple in various households. 


Folgers exhibit slightly higher caffeine content, which is especially appealing to those needing a quick energy boost, like students looking for an affordable way to stay alert during late-night study sessions.

It also helps alleviate some of the stress of choosing the right coffee beans to blend.

An important facet of Folgers’ popularity is its versatility. It has a long list of blends and variations that can fit any occasion.

Convenient as this might be:

It gives them less time to focus on each product. This leads to a bitter taste and a quick decline in freshness that deters coffee aficionados. 

People who prefer lighter roasts may find Folgers’ darker roast profile less appealing.


For all its criticisms, Folgers is a top choice amongst many coffee drinkers with its manageable taste and affordability

Consumer Loyalty and Criticism

Folgers Coffee has sparked a debate among the wide spectrum of our Facebook page’s coffee-loving followers.

One enthusiast, Jean, found that, “Folgers Classic, best, I’ve used Maxwell House in the past, Prefer Folgers Classic. Tried Black Rifle, taste great, too expensive.” but Christina, a coffee enjoyer explained that, “Folgers gives me heartburn, but overall, I prefer Community Coffee.”

folgers coffee comment

You see:

It seems that for every coffee aficionado who just can’t stomach the prospect of a cup of Folgers, another considers it just fine for their everyday consumption.


Some enjoyers abstain completely from instant coffee. 

This Reddit user was vocal about his opinion, stating, “Folgers is….acceptable only in situations of desperation. Maxwell House is like drinking motor oil. After converting to fresh whole beans, I don’t know how anyone can drink the abominations of pre-ground bulk coffee and think it is good.”

Certainly, some will disagree and argue in favor of Folgers Coffee, and to a certain extent, I understand where they’re coming from. I respect your preference if you’re among those who enjoy their coffee. 

But, hand on heart, I must ask: 

Have you ever ventured beyond Folgers to compare? Have you taken the time to sample coffees from various producers to gain a broader perspective, or do you find yourself reaching for what’s readily available and most affordable without much consideration?

Exploring the world of coffee beyond Folgers can be an eye-opening experience. 

Different brands and types of coffee offer a vast range of flavors and qualities that Folgers, with its reliance on Robusta beans, mass production techniques, pre-ground packaging, and use of fillers, might not provide. 


While Folgers might be a familiar choice, I encourage you to experiment with other options

Comparing different coffees can significantly enhance your understanding and appreciation of what makes a truly great cup of coffee. 

It’s not just about the price or convenience; it’s about experiencing the richness and depth of flavor coffee offers.

Erica Cervenkova
Coffee Connoisseur, SCA Member

As a coffee connoisseur and member of the Specialty Coffee Association, I am dedicated to understanding the sustainability of coffee pods and the impact it has on the environment. My expertise lies in the realm of capsule coffee machines, from the likes of Keurig and Nespresso to other well-known US brands. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping others make informed decisions about their coffee choices. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or just looking for a new way to enjoy your morning cup, I'm here to help.


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  1. I am so disappointed in the last few cans of Folgers I’ve bought. There is no comparison to their old product. The first cup out of the pot is drinkable, but a little weak. The second cup has degraded into something outright bad tasting.


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