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Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Review: My Review and User Feedback

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Erica Cervenkova

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When it comes to coffee makers:

Sometimes simplicity reigns supreme. That’s where the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker comes into play. 

Its one-button operation saves time and ensures you get that piping-hot cuppa when needed.


It’s a favorite among coffee lovers who value ease of use and reliability. But does that make it the best simple coffee maker around?

Let’s delve into the details in this comprehensive Mr. Coffee 12-Cup review.

Key Takeaways From this Review

  • Priced at $39.99, the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker offers great value for a budget-friendly price, providing a cost-effective option for daily coffee brewing.
  • Features like the programmable Brew Now and Brew Later options and a bright digital clock display make it user-friendly and convenient for setting up coffee to brew at a desired time.
  • Delivers good coffee quality with a brew temperature of 168.4 F, ensuring a hot cup of coffee with an aromatic and wonderful taste.
  • The coffee maker is designed with a clear water indicator window and a glass carafe with measurement lines, enhancing usability. The automatic shut-off of the warming plate after 4 hours is a safety and energy-saving feature.
  • Maintenance is straightforward with a removable basket filter (though not included in all models), and the review highlights the importance of being cautious due to the top of the machine getting hot.
  • Ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly, programmable coffee maker with basic features, especially when compared to a Keurig. However, individuals prioritizing higher temperatures and more robust flavors might consider exploring other options.

I endeavored to maintain objectivity in our review of the Mr. Coffee Brew Now or Later Coffee Maker, 12-Cup, which I purchased from Amazon on February 5, 2024, for $39.99. Alongside, I ordered the Mr. Coffee Simple Grind 14 Cup, bringing the total order to $97.58. To enrich our review beyond my insights, I solicited feedback from fellow users of this product via our Facebook page, inviting them to share their experiences. This approach allowed us to offer a review that reflects a broad spectrum of opinions, rather than relying solely on my perspective.

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Invoice Amazon

Summary Table

Product NameMr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Brew Now or Brew Later Coffee Maker
Price$57.57 on Amazon
Key FeaturesProgrammable with Brew Now, and Brew Later options
Bright Digital Clock display
Clear water indicator window
Glass carafe with measurement lines
Automatic warming plate shut-off after 4 hours
Coffee QualityAromatic, and tastes beautiful, with a temperature of 168.4F. Ribbon of coffee is beautiful, aromatic, and tastes wonderful.
Machine Size8.9″D x 13.1″W x 13.8″H, 4lbs
Warranty1-year limited warranty
Overall Rating4.2/5
AdditionalIt comes with a blade grinder for freshly ground coffee
Suggested brewing volume: 4 or more cups (5 ounces per cup) with one heaping tablespoon of ground coffee per cup
Maintenance: Removable basket filter (not included in all models), top of machine can get hot
Automatic feature for brewing at a set time

How I Tested: My Detailed Review

In this section, I’ll share my firsthand experience with the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker. I’ll focus on three critical areas:

  1. First impressions on design and features,
  2. Brewing test results,
  3. Pros and cons from my perspective.

Design & Features: My First Impressions

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Unboxing

When I first unboxed the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, my immediate takeaway was how lightweight it was. Its budget-friendly appeal is apparent as it’s predominantly made of plastic. 


The sleek design is enhanced with a glass carafe and warming plate where the logo sits proudly.

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Design Review


The bright digital clock display caught my eye, providing simple controls to set the “Brew Now” or “Brew Later” options. 

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Brew Later Function

Even better, the machine’s setup was straightforward, thanks to a clear instruction manual.


This coffee maker can cater to various needs with its 12-cup capacity carafe. It comes fully kitted with an environmentally conscious reusable filter. In addition, provisions are also made for the usage of 8 to 12-cup basket-style paper filters, if you prefer. 

Brewing Test

Following the instructions:

I opted for a four-cup brewing test. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to set up. This Mr. Coffee 12-cup Coffee Maker proved reliable in starting the brewing process autonomously at the preset time.


The brewing process was quick, relatively quiet, and efficient. It delivered a smooth, satisfying coffee in under five minutes, heated at an optimal 168.4F. 

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Brewing Test

Further, the distinct aroma, taste, and visually fulfilling pour made the experience all the more enjoyable.

My findings align similarly to what this coffee enjoyer had to offer. 

They mention that “Some of the gas stations by me have really good coffee! Do whatever makes you happy. Mr coffee is a good brand and makes good coffee if you are not looking for perfection.”

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Brewing Test

Pros & Cons


  • Glass carafe with warming plate
  • Reusable and paper filter options
  • Clear water level window
  • Brews up to 12 cups
  • Pause brewing function


  • Brew basket requires careful assembly
  • Fixed temperature control may not suit all preferences


The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker offers great value with some convenience features. 

Although there are minor drawbacks, its overall performance is solid for its price point. Nevertheless, coffee aficionados might want to explore other alternatives, prioritizing a more fine-tuned control of the brewing process.

User Experiences: Real Feedback from Mr. Coffee Owners

Diving deeper into the user experiences for the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, we find a mix of positive and negative feedback that offers valuable insights. 

Highlighting these genuine customer reviews allows us to provide a balanced perspective, shedding light on the product’s real-world performance and quality.

This user emphasized the importance of enjoying a cup of Mr. Coffee while you can. He said, “Enjoy the cheap and easy while you can. Once you have cracked the seal, it can be difficult to go back.


Another coffee enjoyer was particularly impressed by the price point of a Mr. Coffee Brewer. He said, “40 Bucks, you say? At that price point, it will only have to perform reasonably and not break for a year, and it’ll be fantastic!


An important issue raised by customers lies in the clock system. Users have reported that the clock doesn’t keep time correctly, with an inconsistency that requires constant adjustment. 

This becomes a problem for the delayed time setting, making it unreliable for those hoping to wake up to a freshly brewed pot.

As this user also pointed out, Mr. Coffee’s machines can be difficult to troubleshoot. “I’d recommend not getting a Mr. Coffee, you cant clean out the inside tubes in there that pipe the water in, and it’ll calcify and get mineral buildups.

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Cleaning

In summary:

Mr. Coffee’s performance and taste have garnered varying opinions. While some users are completely satisfied with what it offers, others feel it falls short in certain aspects

When purchasing, it’s essential to weigh these factors according to your needs and preferences. 

So here it stands – the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a product that presents a mix of functionality, affordability, and potential challenges.

Comparison to Similar Products

FeatureMr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee MakerCapresso 12-Cup Coffee MakerBlack Decker 12 cup Digital Coffee MakerBoscare 12 cup Programmable Coffee Maker
Overall Score4.2 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars4 Out of 5 stars
Build QualityReasonably durable, plastic buildStainless steel, potential leakage issueDurable. Stainless steel, glass, and plastic.Durable glass and metal.
Ease of UseHigh (intuitive without needing instructions)High (clearly marked and labeled)High (Clearly marked and labeled)High (Clearly marked and labeled)
User FeedbackPositive overallPositive OverallPositive overall Positive overall
Water Level MarksMarked in two-cup incrementsMeasurement issues, max fill line in carafe exceeds reservoirMarked in two-cup incrementsClearly marked in two-cup increments
Brewing TimeNot specified, implied longerFaster (10-11 minutes for a full pot)Faster (8-10 minutes for a full 12cup pot)Not specified
Additional FeaturesMarked in two-cup incrementsThe removable brew basket and auto-shutoffBrew Later, Automatic hot plate shuts off after 4-hours post post-brew.Coffee strength control, Pause function.
FunctionalitySolid performance in affordability, simplicityEasy to use, fast brew.Very affordable, durable, and highly rated.Great brew customizability, sizeable carafe.
DrawbacksPlastic buildPlastic build, potential leakage, inconsistent coffee strengthWeight and maintenance.Weight.

Final Verdict

After careful comparison:

The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker holds its ground against competitors like the Capresso 12-Cup coffee maker. It’s simple, affordable, and durable – a trifecta that’s hard to beat

The ease of use and clear water level markings give it an edge, allowing you to tailor your coffee to your taste. 

While the Capresso brews faster, it may fall short with inconsistent measurements, potentially affecting the taste. These are all factors that could contradict your personal preference. It’s important to be aware of them before choosing a coffee maker.


You can’t go wrong with Mr. Coffee’s 12-cup machine for a balance of price, durability, and user-friendliness

The 4.2 out of 5-star rating speaks for itself. Ultimately, the ball is in your court, but I’d confidently recommend the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker for your daily brew.

Erica Cervenkova
Coffee Connoisseur, SCA Member

As a coffee connoisseur and member of the Specialty Coffee Association, I am dedicated to understanding the sustainability of coffee pods and the impact it has on the environment. My expertise lies in the realm of capsule coffee machines, from the likes of Keurig and Nespresso to other well-known US brands. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping others make informed decisions about their coffee choices. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or just looking for a new way to enjoy your morning cup, I'm here to help.


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