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Are You Having Issues Closing Your Keurig’s Lid? This Guide Contains All You Need To Know!                              

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Erica Cervenkova

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Oh no!

Your Keurig’s lid is stuck open, and you’re afraid that if you push down too hard on it, you’ll hear an irrevocable SNAP!


You have already tried gently nudging it, switching it off and on, and even begging your “obstinate” Keurig to close.

Still won’t close?

It is always a sad day when a Keurig develops some fault, and we understand your struggle.

We know that:

You have reached this article because you want to find out working methods that would get your Keurig coffee maker to close.


We are always here to help and offer useful suggestions and solutions to your Keurig’s defects.

Read on to discover some practical steps to take when your Keurig doesn’t close.

Keurig Won’t Close

If your Keurig’s lid at the top won’t close for some reason, you can try some easy fixes. Try holding down the sides of the lid or pulling a lever beside the Keurig’s needle. You can also dislodge pieces of plastic in the cover and ultimately reach out to Keurig customer support.

1. Hold Both Sides of the Lid and Pull the Handle Down

Holding the Side Keurig


Your Keurig’s lid won’t shut, and you are upset because you survive on your daily cup of coffee.

You have thought of kicking it, and we know because we have harbored such thoughts about our defective Keurigs.

Hold on!

Before you kick your Keurig, there are hacks you can try!

Do this:

Hold down both sides of the black frame piece at the bottom of your Keurig’s lid, and squeeze on the protruding triangular wedges.


Simply pull your Keurig’s handle down, and it should close without a struggle.


Avoid your Keurig’s needle when reaching for the sides of the lid, as it can give you a nasty injury if you get your hand caught on it.

One more thing:

This workaround is not permanent and can get particularly annoying over time, but it works, and you can get your Keurig up and running in no time.

2. Pull Down the Lever Beside Your Keurig’s Needle

Pull Down The Lever Keurig


We have another easy hack for you to try when your Keurig doesn’t close. It’s actually pretty basic.

Here’s the thing:

You will find a hole-like lever in the same black frame piece at the bottom of your Keurig’s lid.

This lever is located at the left side of the Keurig puncturing needle.


Simply insert a finger in the hole, draw it towards you, and pull down your Keurig’s handle easily.


Be very careful navigating around the Keurig’s needle when reaching for the lever to avoid injury.


You should easily be able to close your handle after using this quick hack.

3. Unscrew Your Keurig’s Cover and Dislodge the Broken Plastic Guide tabs

Unscrewed Keurig lid

Get this:

When the bar tasked with sliding into the Keurig’s groove doesn’t budge, it means that your Keurig’s handle will not be able to close.


You will want a more sustainable solution if you constantly lack the patience to pull a lever or squeeze a frame.


We have also included more permanent fixes for your faulty Keurig.

Here’s what to do:

Unscrew the two Phillips screws on your Keurig’s upper cover, then look for lodged pieces of its plastic guide tabs.


Dislodge the plastic pieces and screw your Keurig’s cover back on.


These plastic guide tabs are designed to maintain the mechanics of the Keurig’s handle.

After this:

Your Keurig coffee maker should be able to open and close like a brand-new device.

4. Contact Keurig Customer Support


You have tried everything. You have attempted all the hacks and easy fixes we suggested.


Your Keurig still won’t close.

We completely understand and sympathize with you because we know what a bummer it is to have your Keurig fail you.

When all is said and done:

If your Keurig still doesn’t close, do not hesitate to contact Keurig’s customer support.

They are available to cater to your Keurig coffee maker issues and answer any questions.

Make sure to:

Follow the instructions and troubleshooting recommendations given to you meticulously.

Models Most Affected


It is pretty common for the lid of Keurig coffee makers to get stuck open. Many users have complained about this malfunction.


These models are more susceptible to this problem:

1. Keurig 2.0

Keurig 2.0


The Keurig 2.0 (Keurig 200) is a model decorated with unique features and additions that make it appealing to the public eye.


After its release, it was subject to many consumer complaints because of its multiple faults leading to its termination.

Users have claimed that this Keurig coffee maker often gets stuck open and won’t close.

2. Keurig Supreme

Keurig K-Supreme Black


Keurig K-Supreme is a stylish single-serve coffee maker that brews tasty coffee. It can also adjust your coffee’s temperature and strength easily.


This Keurig model is one of the more likely models to get stuck open. Luckily, you can easily rectify this problem by using any of our recommendations above.

3. Keurig Duo

Keurig Duo (K-Duo)


The Keurig K-Duo is an attractive and functional single-serve Keurig model that some might find easy to use.


Customer reviews have shown that the K-Duo is prone to a faulty lid that won’t close.

4. Keurig Mini

Keurig Mini Black

Get this:

The Keurig Mini is an affordable, streamlined model that is easy to use and brews delicious cups of coffee. It is easy to clean and is compatible with all standard K-Cups.


There have been customer reviews that claim the lid of the Keurig Mini is faulty and won’t close.

5. Keurig Rivo

Keurig Rivo

You see:

The Keurig Rivo was the first of its kind and was designed to brew lattes and cappuccinos.


It has long been discontinued because of its various defects, including sporting a lid that would not close.


The Keurig Rivo has been replaced by the Keurig K-Cafe and K-Latte but can still be purchased from online stores.


We all know that:

A Keurig that won’t close will not brew. We also know how disappointing it is to anticipate a delicious cup of coffee only to struggle with your Keurig’s lid.

As such:

You need to find the quickest and easiest solutions to get your Keurigs lid to close.

On that note:

It would be best if you tried these simple temporary and permanent fixes to get your cup of coffee in no time.

  • Hold both sides of the lid and pull the handle down
  • Pull down the lever beside your Keurig’s needle
  • Unscrew your Keurig’s cover and dislodge the broken plastic guide tabs
  • Contact Keurig customer support

All in all:

Your Keurig’s cover should be able to shut and work properly after trying our practical recommendations.

Tell us how it goes!

Did you get your Keurig to close? Are you satisfied with the results? Also, did you get your much-anticipated cup of coffee?

We sure hope you did!

Remember to share your opinions, additions, and questions with us in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fix a Keurig Lid That Won’t Close?

There are some temporary and permanent practical solutions to a Keurig lid that won’t close. 

These include:
Holding both sides of the lid and pulling the handle down, pulling down the lever beside your Keurig’s needle. 
Dislodging some pieces of plastic in your Keurig could be helpful.

How Do You Put the Lid Back On a Keurig?

Just like removing the lid from your Keurig, placing it in its original position is not complicated.

Do this:

Set the lid back on the Keurig machine and screw the two Phillips screws back in place.

Why Does My Keurig Pop Open?

Your Keurig likely randomly pops open because there is too much air in the K-Cup. 


Pressure from the air builds up when the Keurig needle punctures the K-Cup, causing the Keurig to pop open.

Can You Fix the Needle on a Keurig?

You can fix the needle in a Keurig by purchasing and replacing it with a new one or simply unclogging it. 


When replacing a Keurig needle, you must also replace the whole part that harbors it.

How Do I Take the Lid Off My Keurig?

To take the lid off your Keurig, you would need to unscrew the two Phillips screws that attach it to the Keurig. 


Lift the cover and pull forward to take it off completely.

Is It Worth Repairing a Keurig?

There are several ways to fix your problematic Keurig effectively, and most of them come cheap or at no added cost. 


Repairing a Keurig is worth your money, energy, and time, as replacing it would cost much more.

Will Keurig Replace My Machine?

Yes, Keurig could, at its discretion, offer to repair or replace a faulty coffee maker without any charge. 


You will be required to provide the purchase receipt as proof of the date of purchase and your device’s serial number.

Is There a Lifetime Warranty on Keurig?

To everyone’s disappointment, Keurig does not offer a lifetime warranty on their coffee makers. 


They offer a one-year warranty on their coffee makers so that you can get free repairs and replacements within your year of purchase.

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  1. I have a keurig K2.0 K-450 CLB that has a problem of the lid not closing. It makes it hard to brew coffee. Not sure what to do about it. Currently my budget does not allow for a new coffee maker.
    Charles Sabo


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