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Keurig Mini Troubleshooting: Here Are a Few Causes and Solutions

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The K-mini isn’t immune to faults and malfunctions. It can suck when your K-mini suddenly refuses to power on or if it stops pumping water for no reason.


Compiled here is a list of common problems you can run into with your Keurig K-mini and the solutions.

Troubleshooting Your Keurig K-Mini

Your K-Mini may develop some problems the longer you use it. Some issues you may run into include your K-Mini not turning on, its lights flashing, but it refuses to brew, the machine refusing to heat or pump water, or it leaking from the bottom. Also, the “add water” light may malfunction.

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6 Keurig K-Mini Troubleshooting Methods and Fixes


The Keurig K-mini is one of the most space-efficient models Keurig offers. It’s a single-cup brewer and comes in handy for that morning cup of coffee.


It can be inconvenient to find your Keurig K-Mini not working suddenly. It’s even worse when you have no idea what went wrong.


We’re here to help. Take a look at our curated list of common problems and fixes for the K-mini.

1. K-Mini Not Turning On

We all know that:

Getting your K-Mini to come on is the first step in brewing a cup of coffee. So it would be more than inconvenient if your Keurig K-Mini suddenly stopped turning on.


The usual causes have some easy fixes. The troubleshooting methods below ought to get your K-Mini up and working again.

  1. Make Sure it is Plugged In: Ensure that your K-Mini is correctly plugged into the power socket. Your coffee maker won’t come on if it isn’t getting power.
  2. Check the Socket: If it is plugged in, unplug your coffee maker and try plugging a different appliance in.


Your other appliances should light up. There might be a problem with your power socket if they don’t.


You can confirm this by plugging your coffee maker into a different socket.

  1. Check the Control Board: The control board is your coffee maker’s brain. It sends signals to all the functioning parts.


Your coffee maker won’t come on if the control board is damaged. Make sure you contact Keurig customer service if you suspect this.

  1. Faulty Power Button: Different models have varying power buttons, but they all serve the same purpose.


Your K-Mini won’t come on if the power button is bad. This can happen after a nasty power surge. Consequently, you could either source for a new one yourself or contact an expert.

2. K-Mini Light Flashing, But It’s Not Brewing


The indicators on your Keurig coffee maker inform you of its state. Typically, the lights flash if your Keurig is heating or in the process of brewing.


You have a problem if the lights are on, but your Keurig refuses to brew. Here are a few common causes and solutions.

Keurig Mini Needle
  1. Clogged Entrance Needle: The entrance needle introduces hot water into your K-cup holder. This is a crucial step in the brewing process.


Your K-Mini will not be able to brew if the needle is clogged. But you can clean it using the Keurig-provided tool or a paper clip.

  1. Clogged Pipes: The water passage within your machine can build up scale over time. This especially holds when working with hard water.


You can easily descale your coffee maker using a descaling solution and some filtered water.


Not everyone can get their hands on the Keurig recommended descaling solution.


You can also use a mixture of vinegar and lime juice.

3. K-Mini Not Heating

We all know that:

Your Keurig coffee brewer needs hot water to facilitate the process. The infusion of hot water into your coffee grounds helps extract the essence and produce your coveted first cup.


There is no hot coffee without hot water. However, your Keurig may suddenly stop heating water. Here are a few possible reasons why.

Keurig Water Pump
  1. Faulty Pump: The pump acts both as a system for drawing water from the reservoir and as a temperature regulator.

You see:

Your Keurig water pump circulates cold water through the machine to stop it from overheating. So your coffee maker won’t heat as a fail-safe if the pump is faulty.


You can easily find a replacement or get yours fixed by contacting Keurig customer service.

  1. Bad Heating Element: The heater is integrated into a small pot, also known as the hot water reservoir.


This reservoir is in your coffee maker. But it won’t hold hot water if the heater is bad. Fixing this requires technical expertise. Consequently, it’s better to call a professional to check it out.

4. K-Mini Not Pumping Water


Water freely flows through your coffee maker during the brewing process. It starts in the reservoir and works its way through the channel of pipes.


This means there are various points where the water can stop flowing. Here are a few common causes for your Keurig not pumping water.

Keurig Intake
  1. Clogged Intake Valve: The intake valve sits at the bottom or the side of your cold water reservoir, depending on the architecture.


The intake valve may look different depending on your Keurig model, but they all serve the same purpose.

Which is:

Water flows into the machine from the reservoir through the intake.

As such:

A clogged intake valve will interrupt the flow of water into your machine, causing it not to pump.


You can fix this by carefully cleaning the intake valve with a warm rag. Do this until you have cleared all the gunk blocking the entrance.

  1. Trapped Air: Your Keurig won’t be able to pump water if it isn’t primed. This happens when air gets trapped within the tubing and water pump.


Your machine isn’t primed if obstructions are blocking the flow of water. You can clear these obstructions by descaling your coffee maker.


You can prime your machine by emptying the hot water reservoir and filling the tank just below the max line.


Start the brewing process, and your K-Mini will take in a fresh supply of cold water. This should clear out any lingering air pockets.

5. K-Mini Leaking Water From the Bottom

Your Keurig is designed to hold water in the reservoir during brewing. You should also be able to store water in there overnight with no leakages.


You may suddenly wake up to a small puddle surrounding your machine. Here are a few possible reasons why your Keurig is leaking from the bottom.

  1. Lack of a Seal Around Intake: The intake connects your Keurig to the coffee maker.


While the parts are made to fit, there might be some space between the reservoir and your machine.


You can eliminate this space by using an O-ring. Make sure it is big enough to wrap around the intake but small enough that it doesn’t displace the reservoir.

  1. Clogged Machine: Your K-Mini accumulates debris over time. As such, you should clean it regularly to prevent excessive build-up.


A large build-up may prevent water from flowing through your machine and cause it to leak from the bottom.


You can prevent this by descaling your K-Mini.

  1. Overfilled Reservoir: Your Keurig K-Mini has a max line indicator at the top of the water reservoir.


You should fill the water just below this line to prevent leaking from the bottom.

  1. Breached Reservoir: The K-Mini’s water reservoir is made from durable material.


It is possible that it sustained some damage during a move and has a crack.


You can check for any leakage by filling your Keurig over a sink and watching the water level.


You will have to replace the water reservoir if it is cracked or broken.

6. Keurig-mini “Add Water” Light Won’t Turn Off

The “add water” light is a helpful indicator when brewing with your Keurig. It helps you gauge the water level in your tank and rightfully informs you when it isn’t enough.


The light can become an inconvenience when it develops a fault. Here is why it may still be on, even when your tank is adequately filled.

Keurig Flotation Device
  1. Stuck Flotation Device: Your K-Mini reservoir comes with a small magnetic flotation device that communicates the water level to your coffee maker.


The “add water” light won’t go off if this device is stuck. You can reset it by shifting it ever so slightly within its bracket. This should let it float again.


Your Keurig K-Mini is an excellent brewer. It is a newer model that should last you for a long time.


You must be cautious of some common faults it may incur that will hinder its ability to brew coffee. These faults include.

  • Your K-Mini not coming on.
  • Your K-Mini lights are flashing, but it isn’t brewing.
  • Your K-Mini is not heating.
  • Your K-Mini not pumping water.
  • Your K-Mini is Leaking from the bottom.
  • Your K-Mini “add water” light stays on.


Follow the troubleshooting list from the beginning to the end, and be cautious every step of the way. Ultimately, you should be able to brew your coffee uninterrupted once more.

On a different note:

We hope you found this guide useful. Do you think we missed something? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below, and have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Keurig K-Mini?

You can reset your K-mini by following the steps below.
Step 1: Unplug your K-Mini
Step 2: Carefully remove the water reservoir and let the machine rest for thirty minutes.
Step 3: Reassemble and brew normally.
This process will reset your Keurig K-Mini.

Why Is My Keurig Mini Not Working?

You can’t force your Keurig coffee maker to reboot. You may reset it by following the recommended procedure of letting it sit unplugged for thirty minutes to an hour.

Why Is My Keurig Mini’s Light Flashing?

The flashing lights may indicate that your Keurig K-Mini’s needle is clogged. You can clear any obstructions using the tool provided in your Keurig cleaning kit. You can substitute this tool with a paper clip if you do not have it.

Can You Take Apart a Keurig Mini?

The K-Cup holder disassembles easily into two parts. This makes it easier to clean. It is advised to refrain from disassembling the rest of the machine. This could lead to serious malfunctions.

Which Keurig Model Was Recalled?

Some models under the Keurig Mini Plus were recalled due to issues. This includes machines under the models K10 and B31 with serial numbers beginning with 31.

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