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Nespresso Isn’t Brewing: Here Are The Possible Causes And Quick Ways To Fix It

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All things being equal:

Your Nespresso is charged with the noble responsibility of providing your daily dose of deliciously rich coffee.

As expected, you would love to enjoy this benefit frequently after investing in a coffee maker.


Minor issues could spring up from time to time, preventing the machine from achieving its objective.

An evident sign that your Nespresso’s defective is when it cannot brew coffee.


Your Nespresso’s inability to brew coffee could arise due to several factors.

Nonetheless, you’ll desire to fix any defect as quickly and inexpensively as possible.


We’ve got just what you need! There are clever remedies that will fix your Nespresso’s brewing problem. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Nespresso Not Brewing

It’s quite easy to feel alarmed when you discover your Nespresso’s suddenly unable to brew coffee. The mere thought of enduring an entire day without caffeine can be off-putting. You can fix this by checking and filling the water tank, descaling the machine, checking the capsule, and removing the airlock.

1. Checking And Filling The Water Tank

Get this:

Clean water is one of your coffee maker’s basic constituents during brewing.

Your Nespresso obtains the water it requires through its detachable water tank.


Imagine a scenario where your Nespresso doesn’t have access to water because the water tank is dry.

As expected:

Your coffee maker would be unable to carry out the brewing process leaving you high and dry.


When your Nespresso fails to brew, check if the water tank is full. If you discover that the tanks run dry, you have to remedy this by filling up the water tank with clean water.

After which:

Try the brewing process again. If your Nespresso still refuses to brew, it’s most likely because your machine has an airlock.

The process of removing airlocks will be explained in the latter part of this article.

2. Clean and Descale Your Nespresso Machine

Nespresso Descaling


The major reason your Nespresso would fail to carry out the brewing process is that the insides of the machine have been clogged.

You see:

The water your Nespresso uses during brewing contains minerals. These minerals are deposited in the machine during heating, forming what is called limescale.


The limescale deposited clogs the machine and blocks the passage of water. This makes the brewing process extremely difficult.


You’ll need to clean your Nespresso and remove the limescale through a process known as descaling. You can carry out the descaling process by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Gently eject the coffee capsule into the capsule container.
  • Step 2: Switch off your coffee maker.
  • Step 3: Remove any residual water or spilled coffee in the water tank and drip tray.
  • Step 4: Empty the capsule container.
  • Step 5: Fill the water tank with 0.5 liters of water.
  • Step 6: Add one unit of Nespresso descaling solution to the water tank.
  • Step 7: Cover the water tank and attach it to the Nespresso machine.
  • Step 8: Place a clean 1-liter bowl under the machine’s coffee outlet.
  • Step 9: Turn on the machine and switch to the descaling mode.


Once the descaling process is complete, you need to remove all residues of the descaling agent in the machine through a rinsing cycle. This is done thus:

  • Step 1: Discard the descaling solution in the water tank and 1-liter bowl.
  • Step 2: Wash the water tank and the 1-liter bowl with clean water.
  • Step 3: Fill the water tank with drinking water, cover it, and attach it to the Nespresso machine.
  • Step 4: Place the clean 1-liter bowl under the coffee outlet.
  • Step 5: Begin the rinsing cycle.

For safety reasons, it’s advisable to carry out the rinsing process multiple times.

This is because the descaling agent is harmful and must be completely removed from the insides of the coffee maker.


Once you’ve completed the descaling and rinsing process, your Nespresso should be as good as new.

3. Checking And Ejecting The Capsule

Nespresso Capsules


After filling and reattaching your Nespresso’s water tank, the next step you’d take when brewing coffee is to insert a new coffee capsule into the machine.


Inserting a capsule is seemingly straightforward, it could be why your Nespresso isn’t brewing coffee.

This would occur if the capsule weren’t properly placed in the coffee maker.


The improperly placed capsule could become stuck in the machine. This means you wouldn’t be able to eject by simply lifting the lever.


You can eject a stuck capsule by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Switch off the machine.
  • Step 2: Empty the capsule container.
  • Step 3: Open your Nespresso’s lever to reveal the stuck capsule.
  • Step 4: Gently move the capsule away from the needle and nudge it until it falls.


Once you’ve ejected the stuck capsule, carefully insert a fresh capsule into the machine and restart the brewing process.

Your efforts should be rewarded with a nice cup of coffee.

4. Removing The Airlock

Here’s the thing:

It’s always advisable to fill up your Nespresso’s water tank before operating your coffee maker.

However, it’s quite easy to forget this, which would eventually cause the water tank to dry up during the brewing process.

As a result:

Air bubbles would become trapped inside your Nespresso. The trapped air, also known as an airlock, would prevent the pump from operating, which makes it impossible for the machine to brew coffee.

To fix this:

Simply follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Turn off the machine.
  • Step 2: Fill the water tank to the max and reattach it to the coffee maker.
  • Step 3: Lift the lever to eject the capsule.
  • Step 4: Empty the capsule container.
  • Step 5: Place an empty cup under the coffee outlet.
  • Step 6: Turn on the machine and long-press the brew button to begin brewing.

After which:

Water should begin to fill the empty cup beneath the coffee outlet. Once the airlock is removed, you can begin the brewing process.

Models Most Affected


One of the tell-tale signs that your Nespresso’s become faulty is when it’s unable to brew coffee. Several factors could be responsible for this.


Most coffee makers might fail to brew from time to time, these Nespresso models are more liable to this issue:

1. Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso Vertuo


The Nespresso Vertuo is one of the most versatile and classy Nespresso models. It has several attractive features and is very easy to operate and maintain.


Like most machines, it’s not exactly perfect. Aside from the fact that its pump is loud and it can’t deliver large quantities of coffee, it can occasionally fail to brew.


By following our recommended remedies, you can get your Nespresso Vertuo up and running in no time.

2. Nespresso Vertuo Next

Nespresso Vertuo Next

Needless to say:

In terms of performance, design, and features, the Nespresso Vertuo Next is a lovely coffee maker. It’s sleek, versatile, and easy to operate.


It has a few drawbacks. It operates with pods which are relatively expensive. Also, it sometimes fails to carry out the brewing process, leaving you with an empty cup.

Of course:

Adopting the techniques outlined in this post can easily rectify the Nespresso Vertuo Next when it fails to brew.

3. Nespresso VertuoLine

Nespresso Vertuoline


The Nespresso VertuoLine is a top-tier coffee maker. Its classy design and exceptional features account for its popularity.


It’s a bit pricey and very easy to maintain and operate, it isn’t immune to developing issues and routinely fails to brew.


It’s a fantastic model whose brewing issues can easily be solved by following the mentioned solutions.

4. Nespresso VertuoPlus

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Get this:

The Nespresso VertuoPlus has a reputation for providing users with a stellar brewing experience. It’s durable, easy to use, and has a stunning design.

Even so:

It has its downsides. It uses expensive pods, is fairly expensive, and can refuse to brew if not properly maintained.


This isn’t a major issue. After following the guidelines stated in this article, your Nespresso VertuoPlus should begin to brew high-quality coffee once again.

5. Nespresso Essenza

Essenza Nespresso


The Essenza Nespresso is an attractive model with sleek features and a compact design. Also, compared to other models, it’s relatively affordable.


It isn’t very durable. Its capsule container is small, so you’ll need to empty it frequently. Also, it’s easy for the coffee capsule to get stuck in the machine, which makes brewing impossible.


You can easily eject the stuck capsule and remedy any issues preventing it from brewing by following our proposed suggestions and remedies.


Needless to say:

Every Nespresso is designed to cater to your caffeine needs with little or no fuss.


This would not be the case if it suddenly becomes faulty and refuses to brew coffee.


You can easily salvage and fix this issue by trying these solutions:

After trying out any of these solutions, you should receive a steamy cup of rich coffee.


Did we miss out on any of your favorite methods to fix a Nespresso that refuses to brew? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When Nespresso Stops Working?

Your Nespresso could stop working and fail to brew for several reasons.
It could be because there’s an airlock, limescale buildup, or stuck capsule in the machine. It could also be because your water tank’s dry.

You’d need to fix it by trying these suggested solutions:
●      Remove trapped air in the machine.
●      Descaling the coffee maker.
●      Ejecting the stuck capsule.
●      Filling the water tank.

Afterward, your Nespresso should begin to function seamlessly.

How Do I Reset My Nespresso Machine?

Whenever you decide you’d like to reprogram your Nespresso, so it goes back to its default settings, you’d need to carry out a factory reset.

There are about a dozen Nespresso models, and the process for resetting isn’t the same.
To carry out a factory reset on CitiZ, Essenza, and Inissia, follow these steps:
Step 1: Turn off your coffee maker.
Step 2: Long-press the Nespresso’s Lungo button for five seconds.

After carrying out these two steps, your Nespresso’s LEDs will blink thrice very quickly and then begin to blink slowly.

When the light becomes steady, the factory reset is complete.
If you’re using a Nespresso Vertuo or Vertuo Next, the steps to reset are as follows:
Step 1: Eject the capsule by lifting the lever.
Step 2: Empty the capsule container.
Step 3: Close the top of the machine but leave the lever unlocked.
Step 4: Press the Lungo button five times within a three-second timeframe.

When your Nespresso’s LEDs become white, it means you’ve successfully reset your coffee maker.

Why Is My New Nespresso Machine Not Making A Full Cup?

Every Nespresso model comes with default settings. Initially, the new machine would brew coffee that would fill a certain cup size.

This means that if your cup is much larger than the preset cup size, your cup would only be filled partially.

If you’d like to make larger quantities of coffee, you’ll need to reprogram the cup size following these steps:

Step 1: Fill the water tank and insert the capsule.
Step 2: Close the lever and turn on the machine.
Step 3: Place your cup under the outlet.
Step 4: Press the Lungo or Espresso button until you get your desired quantity.

After this, you’d have successfully reprogrammed your Nespresso’s cup size, and the machine should begin to make full cups.

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