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Coffee Holli’s Guide to the Perfect Nutella Latte

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Erica Cervenkova

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Chocolate and coffee historically go well together. Consequently, pairing a shot of espresso with Nutella is a combination that just works. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cup of nutella coffee to start their day?

If you have ever wondered whether you can make a Nutella Latte at home, your days of wondering are over.


It’s simple. We’ve put together a straightforward Nutella Latte recipe you can try yourself. If you’re a Nutella lover, get in here!


Preparation Time:6 minutes
Preparation Difficulty:3/10
Serving Size:1 Cup (16 oz)
Best Served:Warm

Ingredients and Equipment

One Brooklyn Bean Gourmet Espresso K-Cup Pod
3/4 cup of half and half
A tablespoon of Nutella
Whipped cream and cocoa powder or chocolate shavings  
Recommended: Keurig K-Mini Plus Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

Step-by-Step Preparation Procedure


Take a moment to prepare everything you need to make this decadent drink. Check that your Keurig coffee maker has enough water in the reservoir, and follow these steps

Step 1: Brew a Shot of Espresso Using your Keurig K-Mini Plus

To begin:

Plug in your Keurig and press the “Power” button to let it preheat. This should take three to four minutes. Use this brief reprieve to grab the star of the show, your Espresso K-cup pod.

Lift the top of the K-cup holder and place the K-cup Pod. Once it is done preheating, place an espresso glass or any heat-resistant cup under the nozzle.


Click the 6oz button and adjust the strength to your liking. The brewing process should only take a minute.


If you don’t have a brewer, you can use instant coffee as a substitute. However, it doesn’t deliver the same richness as freshly brewed coffee.

In any case:

Now that you have your espresso, set it aside and move to the next step

Step 2: Prep Your Latte Cup

With your Espresso Ready:

You will need to grab the right-sized cup for your latte. It should be able to contain your 6oz espresso shot and much more.


Take the Nutella after choosing the right glass and take a tablespoon of the chocolate spread at the bottom of your cup.

Try not to put more than the recommended amount which is a tablespoon.


The chocolate could easily overpower the rich taste of your hot coffee.

Step 3: Pour Over the Espresso and Incorporate


Set aside a shot of espresso and your cup of half and half. You could also decide to strictly opt for whole milk without the cream.

With that in mind:

Pour the shot into the glass with the chocolate at the bottom and grab a handy beverage mixer.

Make sure your mixer has power before you stick it into the cup and turn it on. Keep it stirring until the coffee and chocolate are properly blended.

Following through:

Grab your glass of half and half and slowly pour an equal part of frothed milk into your espresso mixture. Be sure to leave a little room at the top of the cup for what comes next.

Step 4: Finish it Off with Whipped Cream and Cocoa Powder


We’re in the final stretch of this little adventure. Take that can of whipped cream you’ve been eyeing and spritz a generous swirl over your latte.

The last garnish required is a light dust of cocoa powder. This will add an earthy tone to your latte and leave the whipped cream tasting even better.


You could garnish this drink with a wafer cone, small marshmallows, or more. It completely depends on you.

Congratulations! You have successfully recreated the Nutella Latte. Now you can sit back, relax with the morning paper and enjoy a cup of happiness.

Take Your Latte to the Next Level With CoffeeHolli’s Useful Tips & Tricks

  • The only limit to your toppings selection is your imagination. This drink works well with treats like chocolate shavings, coconut shavings, or sprinkles.
  • The Keurig K-Mini lets you adjust the strength of your brew. Use a stronger brew, so the flavors of your espresso come through in the final product. Ideally, you want a balance between the chocolate and the coffee. That is what makes this drink amazing.
  • Add a pinch of cinnamon at the bottom of the cup before adding the chocolate. Do not use more than a pinch, or the cinnamon will take over this drink.
  • Avoid pairing this with chocolate-flavored desserts. Instead, this latte works well with lightly baked goods like scones, doughnuts, and much more.
  • This is a drink best enjoyed when warm. Every second counts when preparing it, so keep that in mind.
  • You could easily substitute half and half for almond milk or soy, depending on your preference. Just note that this change could reduce the richness of the final product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nutella Good In Coffee?

Absolutely! Nutella adds a rich and wholesome hazelnut twist that takes your regular coffee to the next level. What’s more, it’s an absolute favorite for the holiday season.

How Do I Order A Nutella Latte?

It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is to order a regular latte from your favorite coffee shop. Then, tell your barista to add a tablespoon of Nutella to the drink, and mix accordingly. Alternatively, you could ask your barista to add one pump of hazelnut, caramel, and chocolate syrup.

What Happens When You Mix Nutella With Milk?

When you mix Nutella with milk, you get Nutella milk! If you love Nutella, this is your cue. This hazelnut-infused union is the perfect twist you need for your favorite caffeinated drink.

How Many Calories Are In a Nutella Latte?

An average cup of Nutella latte contains about 320 calories. We know that nutrition and calories are important, so you might not want to add too much Nutella to your latte.

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