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Selecting the Right Coffee Maker: The Keurig Slim or the Keurig Classic?

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Erica Cervenkova

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The Keurig K-Slim and the K-Classic share enough similarities to make you wonder which is better.


I realized the K-Classic, unlike the K-Slim, has a lot of usage variety, and you will see why in the coming sections. 

This makes it a great choice for someone who wants to brew more than just coffee. Follow the guide to learn more

Keurig K-Slim VS Keurig K-Classic: Pros, Cons, and Everything In Between

After using both, I noticed K-Classic is more versatile and can brew tea, coffee, and cocoa. The brewing flexibility distinguishes the K-Classic from the K-Slim. This makes the K-Classic a better purchase for me, with only a $20 price difference.

Rating Summary

Rank order
Coffee Maker Name
Overall Rating
Brewing Capacity
Value for Money
Special Features


Keurig K-Slim Coffee Machine
Keurig K-Slim

86.6 %








Keurig-K Classic Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Express

83.3 %







Specifications Table

Keurig K-SlimKeurig K-Classic
Overall Rating86.6 %83.3 %
Current Price$129.99$149.99
Weight6.22 lbs9 lbs
Capacity8,10,12 Oz6,8,10 Oz
Coffee Maker TypeSingle serveSingle serve
Special FunctionsMultistream tech, high altitude mode, Brew variety, compatible with reusable filter
Product Dimensions12.14” H × 4.76” W × 15.2” D13.0” H × 9.8” W ×13.3” D
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Quick Overview

The stat sheets show that the K-Slim and the K-Classic share some features.


That’s not enough for you to make a choice

So, I will go over these features and how you could benefit from them in greater detail, starting with the K-Slim.

Keurig K-Slim (Rating: 86.6 %)

A chunky coffee maker may fit in well behind the counter of your local Starbucks but not on your counter. The Keurig Slim one-ups the Classic in my books with its space-efficient design.


The Keurig Slim is a newer model that comes outfitted with Keurig’s well-advertised multistream technology designed to get the best flavors out of each coffee pod. 

But how exactly does this technology work? 

Like the name implies, Keurig’s multistream technology utilizes several streams of water to saturate the coffee grounds inside the pod. 

The result? 

A richer, quicker brew that makes the most out of each pod. 

In addition: 

Its high-altitude brew setting makes it the right model for coffee enthusiasts who love the outdoors. 

The K-Slim is compact, functional, and energy efficient. It seemed too good to be true initially, but I realized it has flaws.

For instance:

It shocked me that the K-Slim has no added features to enhance my user experience. It didn’t let me control the brew temperature or strength.

As such:

My coffee sometimes tasted weak, despite the multistream technology.I wouldn’t count this model out completely, though. I got a great value for the price, and it can make great coffee with the right pod.


  • Space efficient
  • High altitude brewing
  • High brew capacity


  • No strength control
  • No temp control

Keurig K-Classic (Rating: 83.3 %)


We are talking about coffee makers here. Typically, I wouldn’t mention specialty beverages, but I can’t ignore this neat K-Classic feature

It is an older brewer that effectively brews coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. The K-Classic worked well with Keurig’s reusable filter, allowing me to run hot water through my grind of choice.


The K-Classic is tall enough to fit a travel mug (6, 8, or 10 Oz), allowing you to brew coffee for the go. I used a thermal flask to store hot coffee for the office.

I did mention that the K-Classic is an older model. It doesn’t have multistream technology, which could make your coffee taste slightly weaker than a different model.

But this didn’t matter as much. I warmed my water a little before pouring it into the reservoir. The higher water temps helped me make a better brew.


  • Brew variety
  • Reusable filter compatibility
  • High brew capacity


  • No multistream technology
  • Less space efficient

CoffeeHolli’s Recommendation: Which Coffee Maker Should You Choose?

The K-classic is an older Keurig model. It should be cheaper by all means. But the price point makes sense considering the convenience of the Keurig reusable filter compatibility. 

Still, is this convenience enough to warrant paying $20 more than the K-Slim’s $130 price tag? Here are the merits of both arguments.

You see: 

A study published in the journal of coffee science shows that present-age coffee enjoyers are excited by the thought of cold brewing.

This bodes well for the K-Classic, as its reusable filter allows for a bolder brew that works well in iced coffee.

On the other hand:

Some users do not have the space for a larger brewer. The K-Slim also makes great coffee in a chassis that fits well on most counters.

It is also a less intimidating option for people new to home brewing. The settings are intuitive, and the multistream technology gets the best out of coffee pods.


The decision is yours. What do you need in a new coffee brewer? Are any of these unique features the right fit for you?


I’m a huge fan of the K-Classic. The reusable filter allows me to brew well-prepared coffee grounds and even hot chocolate for the kids. A wonderful addition to my kitchen.


Both the Keurig Classic and Keurig Slim have their strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different preferences and lifestyles


The K-Classic edges out the K-Slim with a higher quality of operation. It brews an impressive cup of coffee that is hard to beat.


Which brewer speaks to you? Do you prefer the K-Slim’s compact nature or the variety offered by the K-Classic? 

Regardless of which model you choose, both the Keurig Classic and Keurig Slim provide the convenience and quality that Keurig is known for. 

This makes them excellent choices for coffee lovers looking to brew a quick and delicious cup of coffee at home.


Do you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Keurig K-Slim Good?

Absolutely! The K-Slim is a great entry-level brewer equipped with multistream technology. It is easy to use and maintain

What Is the Difference Between the Keurig Slim and Classic?

The Keurig K-Slim can only brew hot coffee, while the K-Classic can brew tea, cocoa, and much more. However, the Keurig K-Classic does not have multistream technology.

Is the K-Slim Water Reservoir Removable?

Yes, the water reservoir of the Keurig K-Slim is removable. This makes it easy to refill the reservoir and clean it when needed. Additionally, the removable water reservoir also allows for greater flexibility in terms of storage and transportation. 

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