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Keurig Compact vs Keurig Mini: Which Coffee Machine is Best for You?

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While it is easier to brew coffee from home, most people don’t have a lot of space to work with.


Space-efficient coffee machines like the Keurig K-Mini and the Keurig K-Compact exist. They can fit anywhere and take up very little of your kitchen space.


Which one is better – the Keurig K-Compact or the Keurig K-Mini?

Well, that’s why you are here. Below is a quick review of each in terms of specifications, features, functionalities, pros, and cons.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s go!

Keurig K-Compact VS Keurig K-Mini: Ratings, Features, and Specifications

The Keurig K-Compact and K-Mini are different in terms of appearances, features, and price points. Usually, the K-Compact is costlier. But that’s owing to the fact that it has better features than the K-Mini. For example, the K-Compact comes with a bigger/detachable water reservoir, more brewing capability, and a better troubleshooting experience.

Rating Summary

Rank order
Coffee Maker Name
Overall Rating
Brewing Capacity
Value for Money
Special Features


Keurig K Compact
Keurig K-Compact

88.3 %








Keurig K-Mini
Keurig K-Mini

81.6 %







Specifications Table

Keurig K-CompactKeurig K-Mini
Current Price$88.99$68.99
Weight6.9 lbs4.6 lbs
Brewing Capacity6,8,10 Oz6-12 Oz
Coffee Maker TypeSingle ServeSingle Serve
Special FunctionsDetachable ReservoirNone
Product Dimensions12.5” H × 8.2” W × 13.2” D12.1” H × 4.5” W × 11.3” D
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Quick Overview


The Keurig K-Compact and the Keurig K-Mini differ in more ways than one.


The real question is – which of these differences tip the scale in favor of either the K-Compact or the K-Mini?

Well, here’s a short review of both brewers, starting with the Keurig K-Compact.

Keurig K-Compact (Rating: 88.3 %)

Get this:

The Keurig K-Compact is a simple, single cup coffee maker. And despite being bigger than the K-Mini, it still falls under the small coffee machines category.

With that said…

One thing that gives the K-Compact an edge over the K-Mini is its detachable, 1-liter (36oz) water reservoir.

Since it’s comparably big, you won’t need to refill it after every brew.

Plus, unlike the K-Mini, you can prepare different coffee cup sizes with this machine. Your options include 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz coffee cup sizes.

Awesome, right?

Not forgetting the K-Compact’s impressive build quality. This coffee maker’s design makes it surprisingly easy to clean and maintain.

It has an auto-off function that makes it energy-friendly.

Moreover, the machine’s removable drip tray ensures that you can still brew directly into your travel mug without any hassle.


It’s evident that the K-Compact offers more brewing control than the K-Mini. But it does have its limitations.

For example:

This coffee machine doesn’t feature a STRONG button (present in the K-Mini Plus). So, if you are a lover of strong, flavor-rich coffee, it’s likely the K-Compact won’t meet your needs.

Luckily, the cup size options might help with this. The smaller the cup, the stronger the coffee will be.


  • Compact size
  • Adjustable brewing capacity
  • Detachable reservoir
  • Energy conscious
  • Fits travel mug Automatic power down (after 2 hours of inactivity)


  • Fixed brew strength
  • Limited functionality

Keurig K-Mini (Rating: 81.6 %)

Without a doubt:

The Keurig K-Mini is the most space-efficient model coming from its brand. Thus, it can fit snuggly, almost anywhere in your kitchen.

And, compared to its upgraded version (the K-Mini Plus), this coffee maker is among the most basic appliances you’ll find today.

In a nutshell…

It is a beginner-friendly option that’s perfect for brewing a quick cup of coffee.

That said, the K-Mini is easy to use, brews coffee in under two minutes, and doesn’t require much effort.


It is environmentally-friendly. According to Keurig, this coffee maker is made from eco-conscious plastic while still maintaining brand quality.


Much like the K-Compact, this coffee maker has an auto-off feature.

The only difference is that the K-Mini shuts down 90-seconds after each brew to save power. Which is better compared to the K-Compact’s 2-hour wait before shutting down.


For the Keurig K-Mini, simplicity comes with its own set of limitations.

First, it has a fixed water reservoir. This makes cleaning, usability, and maintenance a bit harder compared to the K-Compact.


The reservoir is small – just enough for one cup of coffee. That means you’ll need to refill it everytime you want to brew your java.

And don’t even get me started on functionality…

Basically, you have no control over cup size, coffee strength, and brew duration.


As specified by Keurig’s K-Mini FAQs, you can adjust cup sizes manually by pouring the exact amount you want into your reservoir. That is, anything between 6 oz and 12 oz of water.


  • Compact size
  • User-friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Energy conscious
  • Auto-off feature (90 seconds after last brew)


  • Fixed, low-capacity reservoir
  • Fixed brew strength
  • Difficult to maintain

CoffeeHolli’s Recommendation: Which One Should You Buy?

One thing is clear:

The Keurig K-Compact and the K-Mini don’t have a lot in common.

And, I always say this, since needs and preferences are subjective, your decision should be based on what you want.


Both these coffee makers are single-serve machines with limited functionality. Plus, they are designed to take up little space.

Therefore, size and brewing capacity might not be the biggest determining factors here.


If you’re shopping on a budget and are okay with bare-minimum coffee maker features, the Keurig K-Mini is the better choice.

It’s as basic as they come; which makes it ideal for newbies and college students.

But as far as convenience goes, you only get an energy-saving, auto-off feature and a removable drip tray.

Not much, right?

Well, on to option B.

If you are willing to cough up a few extra bucks (about $30), you can go for the K-Compact.

While it’s not as fancy or as techy as most modern coffee machines, it makes up for most of the K-Mini’s shortcomings.

For example:

This coffee maker comes with a bigger, removable water reservoir. Plus, it features cup-size buttons that allow you to brew precise amounts of coffee at any time.

And that’s not all…

Due to the delayed auto-off function that takes two hours to kick in, this coffee maker keeps water hot and ready. Just in case you want to brew another cup.

Cool, right?

Anyway, if convenience is among the things you want in your coffee maker, the Keurig K-Compact fits the need. But only when compared to the K-Mini.

So, which one would you choose?

If you ask me, I’d go for the K-Compact.


I had a goal in mind at the beginning of this guide….

To help you answer the question: Keurig K-Compact or the Keurig K-Mini – which one is the best for you?


My hope is that all the information above will simplify your decision-making process. But remember, the final answer depends on what you want and what you can do without.


The K-Compact and the K-Mini are both great entry-level brewers. However, the K-Compact is more versatile, carries a larger reservoir and is even easier to maintain.

That’s why it’s arguably the better choice.

That said:

Do you have a question or suggestion you would like to make? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between the K-Compact and the K-Mini?

The main difference is that the Keurig K-Compact has a bigger, detachable water reservoir and cup size variability.

What Is the Purpose of the K-Mini?

The Keurig K-Mini is a great entry-level brewer. It’s a single-serve coffee maker with limited functionality. That makes this machine ideal for novice home brewers and college students.

How Long Does a Keurig Mini Last?

The Keurig K-Mini typically lasts 3-5 years. However, longevity depends on usage frequency and maintenance. Overall, it should serve you well and for a long while.

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