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Brewing a Better Cappuccino: How to Make a Cappuccino with a Keurig

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Erica Cervenkova

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Do you enjoy the occasional classic cappuccino, or are you an avid consumer of the creamy beverage?

Either way:

Instead of frequent visits to sophisticated and expensive coffee shops, you can indulge in this beverage without breaking the bank.


Use the Keurig coffee maker on your kitchen countertop to prepare a steaming cup of cappuccino with this 4-step recipe.


Preparation Time:5 minutes
Preparation Difficulty:3/10
Serving Size:1 cup (12 Oz)
Best Served:Hot

Ingredients and Equipment

One dark roast K-Cup pod
Recommended: Green Mountain Black Granite Espresso Style Dark Roast K-Cup pod 4 ounces of whole milk or 2% milk  
Any Keurig coffee maker
Recommended: Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker Milk Frother

Step-by-Step Preparation Procedure


After getting the items you need and ensuring the water reservoir is sufficiently filled, you’re ready to begin.

Turn on your Keurig coffee maker and follow these steps…

Step 1: Froth the Milk


The Keurig K-Cafe coffee maker comes with an in-built milk frother. So, fill your froth pitcher to the “CAPP” line with 4 ounces of cold milk.

Pitcher to the “CAPP” line


Cover the pitcher and push the “CAPP” button to begin frothing your milk.

This process should take about 3 minutes because the frother serves as a steamer and heats the milk as well.


If your Keurig doesn’t have a milk frother, we suggest you purchase a detached one from the Keurig website.

Step 2: Pour the Milk Froth into a Mug

Pour the Milk Froth into a Mug

Once the milk is done frothing:

Pour it into a heat-resistant mug. Ensure the mug is large enough to accommodate your beverage and the accompanying milk foam.

In that regard, we recommend a 12 oz mug.

After this:

Place the mug snugly on the drip tray.

It is worth mentioning that:

Some people would rather brew their espresso shot first and then incorporate the milk.

So, if you are one of such people, you’d want to skip this step and simply place an empty mug on the drip tray.

Step 3: Place an Espresso Roast K-Cup Pod in Your Keurig

Insert the Espresso Roast K-Cup into Your Keurig

Following this:

Lift the lever of your Keurig machine and place the K-Cup into the K-Cup holder.


You want to be very particular about the type of K-Cup you choose for your cappuccino.

It is imperative that you use a dark roasted espresso blend that mimics the taste and feel of an actual espresso shot.

You see:

As buttressed by Food Chemistry, quality espresso shots require intense pressure and extraction temperature, and Keurigs are not facilitated for this.

As such, you would have to make do with a concentrated shot of your dark espresso roast.

Here’s what to do:

If you’re using the K-Cafe brewer, press the “LATTE&CAPP” button, and the “SHOT” button should light up immediately.

Press the “LATTE&CAPP” button

Otherwise, check for a “SHOT” or “STRONG” button on your Keurig and click on it for similar results.


Push the bold “K” button at the center to start the brew.

Push the bold “K” button

Step 4: Brew Directly into Your Mug

Brew Directly into Your Mug Keurig

At this point:

Your Keurig should dispense the espresso shot into your mug of frothed milk.

If you’re using a transparent mug, you’ll be able to see beautiful layers comprising milk, espresso, and milk foam.

In the same vein:

If you decided to brew your espresso shot first, now is the time to pour in the milk froth.

There you have it!

You have just prepared a homemade cappuccino with your Keurig coffee maker.

Cappuccino Recipe Keurig

Take Your Cappuccino a Notch Higher with CoffeeHolli’s Useful Tips & Tricks

  • Tilt the frothing pitcher upwards when pouring the frothed milk into your mug. Doing this would guide the milk from the bottom of the pitcher and produce more foam.
  • Experiment with various flavors and sweeteners by adding a pump of flavored syrup to your milk before frothing. These flavors could range from sweet and toasty caramel syrup to nutty hazelnut or coconut syrup.
  • Garnish your cappuccino with a dash of cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles, cocoa powder, or nutmeg for aesthetic pleasance and enhanced flavor.
  • If you have the time, patience, and skill, you could try making latte art while pouring the milk into your espresso shot. Attempt a basic tulip design and let me know how it goes in the comment section below.
  • Pair your creamy cappuccino with baked desserts for the full coffee shop experience. Fruit tarts, brownies, croissants, and cinnamon buns are always great options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Cappuccino Mix in a Keurig?

You certainly can! To use cappuccino mix with your Keurig coffee maker, scoop a few teaspoons (at most 4) into a reusable K-Cup. Then, place it in the K-Cup holder and begin the brew.

How Do You Make Cappuccino with a Keurig and Frother?

Begin by adding cold milk to the “CAPP” line in the frother and clicking on the “CAPP” button to froth the milk. Next, brew your espresso coffee with your Keurig, then gently combine the ingredients and add your preferred sweetener for taste.

Does the Milk I Choose for My Cappuccino Matter?

The type of milk you use will produce distinct results for your cappuccino regarding taste and presentation. For example, if you want rich-tasting or exaggerated foam, then whole or 2% milk are suitable option to try.

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