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Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn On? Here are Possible Causes and Solutions

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As you know:

Turning on your Cuisinart coffee maker is the first step towards making that cup of coffee you desire. But what if your machine fails to turn on when you hit the power button?


An incident like this can send you into full panic mode and ultimately prevent you from brewing coffee. This is especially the case when you have no idea what the problem is.


Don’t be dismayed; you can fix this problem with the following easy troubleshooting tips.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Won’t Turn on

Try the following troubleshooting fixes for your Cuisinart coffee maker that won’t turn on. See that it is plugged in correctly and that the power outlet is functional. Ensure that the power cord, thermal fuse, and thermostat aren’t damaged. Also, check to see if the control board is functioning properly.

1. Ensure You Plug In the Power Cord Correctly and Use a Functional Power Outlet


It goes without saying that the power cord of your coffee maker must be correctly plugged into a power outlet. Yet, this is not always the case, as many people forget at least once in a while.

Know this:

There might be a loose connection between the power cord and the power outlet (wall socket or extension cord). This shouldn’t be the case, so ensure you use a power outlet that firmly grips the power cord.

And then:

Regardless of the power outlet, ensure that it is functional. The problem may not be that you haven’t plugged the cord correctly. You may have a bad power outlet instead.

You can check the functionality of your power outlet by plugging in other appliances to see if they work.


If other appliances don’t work, it means the outlet is damaged. In that case, you need a replacement or another functional power outlet in your home for your coffee maker.


If the power outlet works for other appliances, it is likely your coffee maker has developed a problem.

2. Check the Power Cord


You’ve plugged in the power cord correctly to a functional power outlet, yet your coffee maker doesn’t turn on. At this point, you probably think that your machine is bad. Relax; it might just be a problem with the power cord.

Take note:

A bad power cord also causes your coffee maker to shut down unexpectedly while brewing. These cords may seem sturdy, but in reality, some of them are not.

As a matter of fact:

Careless habits like allowing your cord to stay entangled and placing heavy objects on it can damage it over time.

The simple solution to a damaged power cord is to replace it with a new one. You can find replacement power cords for different models of Cuisinart coffee makers at Amazon and eBay.

To replace the power cord:

Unplug the coffee maker, remove the coffee pot and turn the machine upside down. Then, undo the screws at the bottom and remove the panel.

At this point, you should see the plastic protection plate protecting the power cord. Simply push the cord inwardsso it stays away from the protection plate. Then undo the screws from the protection plate and remove the plate.


Remove the screws on the heating element and the clips holding the heating unit to access the circuit board. Now, slowly pull the circuit board and desolder the cord from the motherboard using a soldering iron.


Solder the replacement power cord to the motherboard and couple the coffee maker.


A possible worst-case scenario is when you have an internally damaged power cord. In such a case, you may have no idea that the cord is bad. This is because it looks fine from the outside.


This is a tricky situation, as you might be forced to try other fixes before checking the seemingly fine cord. It is, however, hardly the case.

3. Replace Damaged Thermal Fuses

Cuisinart Thermal Fuses

Get this:

The thermal fuse in any electric appliance is an integral component. It prevents power surges from damaging your device. The fuse is located at the bottom of the coffee maker, just around the heating element.


Whenever there is a major power surge, ensure to replace the thermal fuse as it usually takes the impact. Failure to do this means that your machine may not turn on.


You can find thermal fuses for Cuisinart coffee makers in outlets like Best Buy and eBay. Like the power cord, you need a soldering iron to remove the bad fuse and install the replacement.

4. Replace Damaged Thermostat

Like the thermal fuses:

The thermostat is also an important component. Its job is to regulate the internal temperature. Thus, it ensures that your coffee maker doesn’t overheat. It is in the same area as the thermal fuses.

To know if the thermostat is faulty, use a multimeter to test its terminals for continuity. A continuity test shows whether or not the thermostat can conduct electricity.

If it’s a negative result, you need to replace the thermostat using a soldering iron.

5. See That the Circuit Board is Functional

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Circuit Board

Simply put:

The circuit board is the focal point of your Cuisinart coffee maker. When damaged, the machine overall is heavily impacted. Plus, all commands, including power, go through it.

As highlighted earlier:

The thermal fuses bear the impact of power surges; however, they aren’t perfect. In some cases, the power surge can be so massive that it still damages the board.


There are different ways to go about this problem. You can call a technician to fix it if it is amendable. If it’s not, buy a new one and also have a technician install it.


You can return your coffee maker to the manufacturer depending on your warranty status.

Take note:

Unless you’re a technician, do not attempt to repair or install the circuit board yourself. Contact a professional or Cuisinart Customer Support instead.

Models Commonly Affected

Cuisinart DCC-1200

Cuisinart DCC-1200

The Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 is a 12-cup coffee maker with a permanent filter, water filter, and auto-shutoff.

Even better:

This machine has an indicator that tells you when cleaning is needed. This helps prevent clogging, which causes your coffee maker not to brew.

However, issues like circuit board damage often cause it to not power on.x


So far, we’ve established that there are several reasons your Cuisinart coffee maker may not be powering.

The good thing is:

You can fix the problem with the following suggestions.

  1. Use a functional power outlet and ensure you plug in the power cord correctly.
  2. Replace damaged power cord, thermal fuses, and thermostat.
  3. Check the circuit board.

Which of the troubleshooting methods did you find helpful? Do you know of any other fixes missing from our list? Please, let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Cuisinart Coffee Maker not Turn On?

Your coffee maker may not turn for several reasons. These include:
●      Not properly plugging the power cord
●      Faulty power outlet
●      Loose connection between the power outlet and power cord
●      Faulty power cord, thermal fuse, or thermostat
●      Damaged circuit board

Is There a Reset Button on Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

No, Cuisinart coffee makers do not have reset buttons. To reset your coffee maker, unplug it from the wall and plug it back after 30 seconds.

How Do You Turn On Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Plug the power cord of your coffee maker into an outlet and turn on the power switch button.

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  1. I have the SS 5p1… the water 💧 fill light Sensor stays on and I can’t use the Machine .. till I Disconnect. or replace with a new Sensor .. Can I disconnect the Sensor completely. will it work ??

    ty Simon

    • Hello Simon. While disconnecting the sensor isn’t recommended as it could lead to further malfunction or damage, you should first try reseating the water reservoir to ensure it’s properly positioned, and check for any obstructions. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, a reset of the machine by unplugging it for a few minutes might help. If the problem persists, contacting Cuisinart customer support for guidance or potential repair would be the safest course of action, as tampering with the machine’s internal components could void your warranty.

  2. My grind and brew coffee maker turns on and all the buttons work except for the “brew” function. Can this be fixed? What should I do? I am having guests over for coffee tomorrow!!!!


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