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Cuisinart Coffee Maker Not Grinding? These Explanations and Easy Fixes Should Help

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Several Cuisinart coffee maker models support two-in-one use as they have inbuilt grinders and can brew. The grinders freshly grind whole coffee beans to brew coffee for you in a few minutes.


It is not uncommon for the coffee maker grinder to not grind beans properly or at all. As a coffee lover, such a problem can be frustrating and ultimately ruin your day.

No need to panic, though. Here are the likely causes of this problem and the ways to circumvent them.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Not Grinding

Try these DIY troubleshoots for your coffee maker with a faulty grinder. Close the lid as shown in the user manual and ensure that the coffee beans are compatible with the grinder. Also, clean the grinder blades regularly, replace old blades and get rid of unwanted objects from the grinder.

1. Close the Lid as Shown in the User Manual

In case you didn’t know:

Cuisinart coffee makers have several safety features. One of these features ensures the grinder won’t function unless the lid is properly closed.

Here’s the good part:

You can easily know that you haven’t closed the lid properly. This is because when you start the machine, it’ll make loud and continuous beeps.

When you hear such a sound, instead of proceeding to press the grind button, first shut the lid firmly. You can refer to the user manual for guidance.

2. Only Use Beans That Are Compatible with the Grinder


Shutting the lid properly is the most basic way to troubleshoot a Cuisinart coffee maker that won’t grind. If that doesn’t work, the problem could be more advanced.

In that case:

Henceforth, ensure you use only coffee beans that are compatible with the grinder. This is to avoid damaging the blade of the grinder with other substances.

For example:

If you use a grind-and-brew Cuisinart DGB-625BC, you should only grind roasted coffee beans. Applying other items like unroasted beans and nuts can cause the blade to become blunt or worn out.

3. Clean the Grinder Blades Regularly and Replace Old Blades

Know this:

It is common for coffee beans to get stuck in grinder blades. When they accumulate over time, they can prevent the blade from grinding properly or grinding at all.

No worries, though:

Cuisinart coffee maker grinders are quite easy to access and clean. Open the lid of the coffee maker and take out the grinding chamber, which is just under the lid.

After a good cleaning, the grinder should be able to do its job perfectly.

Still on grinder blades:

Over time, after serving for a long period, the grinder blade becomes old and a lot less sharp and effective. You’ll also notice that your coffee grounds have become more coarse as a result.

In that case, it’ll have to be replaced with a new one. You can find replacement Cuisinart coffee maker grinder blades on Amazon, eBay, and the Cuisinart website.

Like cleaning the blades:

Replacing them is quite easy as it is just under the lid of the coffee maker.

Note these important points:

  • Regularly cleaning your coffee maker’s grinder improves the quality of your coffee.
  • Be sure to clean all removable parts of your coffee maker using a clean fabric dipped in a vinegar solution.
  • A faulty grinder shouldn’t be the only reason to clean your Cuisinart coffee maker grinder.  

4. Remove Unwanted Objects From the Grinder

 Cuisinart Coffee Maker Grinder Blade

Get this:

Your Cuisinart coffee maker has a component called a coffee hopper. This component is designed as a convenient storage container for your beans.

Thanks to it, you don’t have to refill the coffee maker with beans every time you want to brew. When you turn on the grinder, the beans typically fall toward the blades so they can be crushed.

Here’s the twist:

The coffee hopper is big enough to contain unwanted substances, and this is sometimes the case. So, diligence would play a big part here.

Take your time and thoroughly inspect the beans before loading them into the hopper. This will help you detect and remove materials like beads and stones that can stop the grinder from working.

Models Commonly Affected

Cuisinart DGB-625BC

Cuisinart DGB-625BC

The Cuisinart DGB-625BC is an automatic coffee maker with a 12-cup carafe and an automatic bean grinder. It also has the 1-to-4-Cup setting, auto shutoff from 0 to 4 hours, and is fully programmable.

This coffee maker, however, does have its drawbacks. There have been plenty of complaints about how the grinding chamber requires cleaning after every brew.

Failure to do this has led to the grinder’s blade being stuck.


Here’s what we’ve learned in this article:

There are several grind-and-brew Cuisinart coffee makers, and they can grind and brew coffee in only a few minutes.

However, grind-and-brew coffee machines sometimes develop faulty grinders, leading to poorly ground coffee. These fixes can help you circumvent the problem.

  • Ensure that the lid is properly closed
  • Use only coffee beans that are compatible with the grinder
  • Clean grinder blades regularly and replace old blades
  • Remove unwanted objects from the grinder

There you have it:

Now that you have these fixes, which one will you be trying? Or have you tried one already? We hope it worked just fine. Please, leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My Coffee Machine Not Grinding?

There are several reasons why your coffee machine may not be grinding. They include the following:
Not properly shutting the lid.
Using coffee beans that are incompatible with the grinder.
Not cleaning grinder blades.
Not replacing old and worn-out blades.

How Do You Grind Coffee in a Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Start by selecting the coffee beans and filling them into the coffee hopper. Then hit the grind button and watch the coffee beans get crushed.

How Do You Clean the Grinder on a Cuisinart Grind and Brew?

Open the lid of the coffee maker and take out the grinder. Then mix warm water and white vinegar to form a vinegar solution. Dip a toothbrush inside the solution and clean the grinder.

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