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Do You Have a Cuisinart Coffee Maker That’s Beeping? Read on for Some Explanations and How to Stop It

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The beep function in Cuisinart coffee makers serves as an indicator for different things.

It indicates that your coffee is ready or something is wrong with the machine.


Sometimes, you may hear beeping sounds from the machine but have no idea what the issue or indicator is.

Relax; this article covers all you need to know about your beeping Cuisinart coffee maker.   

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Beeping

Is your Cuisinart coffee maker beeping? These fixes should help. Ensure the water reservoir and coffee hopper are not empty and check for blockages in the grinder. Close the coffee maker lid and grinder lid, and don’t remove any components of the machine. Also, press the tone button to stop the beeping.

1. Ensure the Water Reservoir and Coffee Hopper are Filled

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Hopper

You see:

Trying to brew coffee with an empty reservoir is one of the most common reasons your coffee maker beeps. In the same way, the machine will keep beeping if the hopper doesn’t contain enough coffee beans.

This is, however, only when you use a grind and brew Cuisinart coffee maker.

As you can imagine:

The solution to this problem is easy. Simply fill the reservoir with water and make sure the coffee hopper has enough coffee beans.

And that’s it; the beeps should end.

2. See That the Grinder in the Coffee Maker Isn’t Blocked

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Grinder Blade

As already mentioned:

The Cuisinart coffee maker may keep beeping when it develops a problem. One of these problems is when the coffee maker grinder is blocked.

After grinding coffee beans, parts of the beans and other minerals can get stuck in the grinder blade. Ensure you remove all the obstructions from the grinder before using the machine.

Here’s the good news:

Accessing and cleaning your Cuisinart coffee maker’s grinder is pretty straightforward. You’ll find the grinder chamber below the coffee maker lid.

Simply open the lid, remove the grinding chamber, and remove any stuck objects.

3. Close the Coffee Maker Lid and Grinder Lid

Open Cuisinart Coffee Maker Lid

Know this:

Cuisinart coffee makers have sensors that detect when the machine’s lid is not properly shut. When detected, the machine will continue beeping until the lid is fixed.

This feature is designed to keep users safe. There are sharp blades inside the machine, so when there’s any opening, the machine stops working and starts beeping.


When you hear the beeping sound, check on the lid. Even though it seems properly closed, check thoroughly. Sometimes, you won’t see the openings until you check all round.

4. Don’t Remove Any Component of the Machine When It’s Running

Still with the sensors:

They can also detect that a part of the machine has been removed when the machine is running. When this happens, the machine stops grinding or brewing, and starts beeping.

As a fully automatic machine:

Your coffee maker is programmed to alert you when your coffee is ready. You don’t have to touch the machine.

Just sit back and relax or do something else in that short time.

If you’re ever going to remove any components of the coffee maker, do so when it’s plugged out. Anything other than that is not recommended.


Refer to the Cuisinart coffee maker user manual to know more about safety rules and how to conform to them.

5. Press the Tone Button When the Coffee is Brewing and After Programming the Timer


When the coffee is ready, the Cuisinart coffee maker beeps about five times. All you have to do is walk to the machine and grab your drink.


Not everyone likes to have their coffee maker beeping when the coffee is ready. Among other reasons, there have been numerous complaints about how the beeping scares pets at home.

Some users also say the beeps can be very disturbing, as it wakes people (especially infants) up in the morning.

What to do?

Depending on your Cuisinart coffee maker model, you can turn off the beeping sound. If your coffee maker has the tone button, press it after pressing the brew button.

Also, press the tone button after programming the timer of the coffee maker to brew coffee later. Do this, and you won’t hear the beeping when the coffee is done.

No tone button?

If your coffee maker doesn’t have a tone button, try blocking the speaker of the machine with seal tape. This would help reduce the sound significantly.

Of course:

There is a downside to this. When you disable the sound, you have to constantly check the machine to know if the coffee is ready.

Models Commonly Affected

Cuisinart DGB-650BC

Cuisinart DGB-650BC

This fully programmable 10-cup automatic coffee maker has an inbuilt grinder and permanent filter. The DGB-650BC also has an auto-shutoff function, Brew Pause, and a 1-to-4-Cup setting.

But then:

As a coffee maker with blades, the DGB-650 is very sensitive when in use. Issues like an open lid or open grinder lid cause it to stop working and beep continuously.

Cuisinart DGB-500

Cuisinart DGB-500

Cuisinart DGB-500 Grind and Brew is an automatic machine with a carafe that holds 12 5-ounce cups of coffee. Other features include 1-to-4-Cup settings, a gold-tone filter, and an easily removable grinder.


Like the DGB-650BC, you’ll hear a lot of beeping when you make mistakes and don’t follow safety rules.


So far, we’ve established that the beeping function serves as an indicator of different things. It can indicate that your coffee has been brewed or that there’s a problem.

If it’s the latter, try the following quick fixes.

  • Fill up the water reservoir and coffee hopper with water and coffee, respectively.
  • Ensure the coffee maker grinder isn’t blocked.
  • Close the coffee maker lid and grinder lid properly.
  • Don’t remove components of the machine when in use.


Have you experienced a beeping Cuisinart coffee maker? Did you fix it with any of our suggestions? Please let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Stop a Cuisinart Coffee Maker From Beeping?

You can stop a Cuisinart from beeping by filling the reservoir and hopper. Remember to shut the machine’s lid and grinder cover too. 

Also, ensure the grinder isn’t blocked and don’t remove the machine parts when in use.

Why Does My Coffee Maker Keep Beeping?

Your coffee maker keeps beeping for different reasons. It beeps when it finishes brewing, and when the lid and grinder cover aren’t properly closed.

The machine will also beep when the grinder is blocked and when you remove any part of it during brewing.

Why is My Coffee Maker Beeping and Not Brewing?

If the machine keeps beeping but not brewing, ensure you have enough water in the reservoir. Also, make sure you have enough coffee beans in the hopper.

How Do I Reset My Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Unplug the coffee maker from the wall and wait for about 30 seconds before plugging it back in. It should go back to factory settings.

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